Booking Information


Live Performance

Book trumpet for your group or venue: 

  • Bar or Restaurant

  • Wedding

  • Private Party

  • Public Event

  • Religious Service

  • Musical

  • Lobby Music

  • Studio Session

Trumpet stylings include but are not limited to: Jazz small group, big band, brass band, salsa, cover band, brass quintet, orchestra, solo trumpet, trumpet with organ, trumpet with choir, and more!



Start Private Lessons for your next goal: 

  • Trumpet (all levels, all styles)

  • DCI Prep (any instrument, includes visual instruction)

  • Jazz (any instrument- including tips for educators)


Clinic or Masterclass

Here for you when you need another set of ears, eyes, and experience: 

  • Jazz (improvistion, theory, ensemble styling)

  • Marching Band (marching basics, choreography, cleaning drill)

  • Concert Band

  • All State/ Region Band 

Compensation Varies By Service